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Success Stories

Testimonials from Some of Our Many Satisfied Clients

Our client's success is very important to us. Take a moment to read over the typical results our brand-driven resumes create:

– Chief Procurement Officer

Katherine did an incredible job on the resume! She was very collaborative and was able to put together a great branding pitch. I really appreciate her expertise and skills in resume writing and would definitely recommend her services to my friends.

– Sales Leader & Operations Strategist

I would highly recommend Great Resume Fast if you are serious about utilizing their talents in your search for new opportunities.

Jessica’s Team has a remarkable talent for listening to their client and turning their feedback into a strong professional resume. Our initial phone call was very productive and I came away with an entirely new perspective on how to deliver my work history based on their direction. I was able to relay the value of my previous experience in a way that allowed the team to create a professional resume tailored just for me. I now have a resume that makes hiring managers and HR people take notice.

August 25th, 2017, Christopher was Jessica H.'s client

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– SEM Analyst

Jessica has amazing insight and knowledge and I have been well off since one of her resume writers, Amy, assisted me and gave me professional job advice. Jessica has a top class workforce behind her and I wouldn't choose any other company. My mindset has changed ever since I received this advice for job searching and job seeking has become educational and fun for me because of it. Thank you for everything! Trust Jessica and her team!

April 14th, 2017, Chase was Jessica H.'s client

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Just wanted to let you know that I started full time at my new position Monday. Having the resume on hand really helped expedite the entire application and on boarding process. I also applied for a few jobs while waiting to hear about this one and I did get one phone interview within one week of those few applications. Very pleased with the results and I will highly recommend Great Resumes Fast to others.

– Project Manager

My experience with Great Resumes Fast was more than I expected. The process was easy, after I picked my resume package. I was immediately contacted by one of Jessica's writers, she examined my old resume and we strategized how to present my resume to focus on getting an overseas engineering position. I needed to stand out since the Oil industry was going through a down turn and the hiring pool was a lot more competitive.

It took 2-3 weeks to complete the final version of my resume it was late June 2016 when it was done. Once, I received it I sent it out to my oil industry contacts to see if any positions where available. I did not get any requests for interview until late 4Q 2016. I was contacted by an Engineering Firm in Singapore, which was unexpected. I was very excited to find out more and interview for this opportunity. It had been 6 years since me and my family worked and lived in Singapore so, we were to thrilled to get a chance to go back. I accepted the role, we are grateful for this opportunity to be able to live again in Singapore.

Thank you

Jessica and to your team

March 12th, 2017, Russell was Jessica H.'s client

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Hi Kate! Thank you so much for your help over the past few weeks! You were very professional, capable, and methodical. Lots of insights and expertise are really eye-opening. I feel really lucky that I was assigned to you. Your output is very strong and will help me a lot from here. As I mentioned, my career/executive coach has praised your work and admitted that I found the right consultant.

– Executive Sales & Business Director

Kate, I just wanted to say that I presented this resume to my mentor, who thought it was one of the best resumes he's ever seen.

I engaged Great Resumes Fast one week ago to write an executive level resume and cover letter for my re-entry into the full time career track workforce after a 5 year career break after having little success in generating interest from hiring companies. I am writing to let you know that I had a great experience with my writer, Lex. Some highlights that went above and beyond the premium service that one would expect for the description and price point were:

  • Flexibility in communication times and styles; email and phone were both broadly used
  • Honest feedback in accomplishing goals... from both sides even when potentially awkward
  • Consideration and scope of work tailored not just to the industry and job but to who I am as a person; I feel this created a much more consistent and marketable end product. There was, in fact, a paradigm stylistically which was warranted and worked out beautifully.

They say in organizational management that positive feedback should outweigh negative at a factor of 3:1. So I'm trying to do my part because I think most people are quick to write to complain but are more reticent to proactively praise. Thank you, Lex, for an outstanding finished product both from my personal perspective as well as from the perspective of my employment coach.

– Assistant GM at Martin Brower

I wanted to take a moment to publicly thank Jessica, Eve, and the rest of the team on their outstanding service and timely performance. I am living proof that their strategic approach to personal branding and social media revitalization really works. Their efforts have assisted me in increasing my earning potential exponentially as well opened up a world of opportunities and professional growth. I am happy to report that I am a repeat customer and will continue to be so in the future. I have recommended their services to many of my leaders, peers, and subordinates; all of which have met with similar results. Thanks again and I fully endorse your service!

January 6, 2017, Carlos was Jessica H.'s client

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Thank you so much. I applied for the position I wanted - when we first spoke - as well as 5 others at my dream company. The next day, I heard from their Talent Acquisition team asking for a phone introduction. Not for the job I thought was my dream job, but one that is much better, and at a much higher level - THANK YOU. The salary alone is 3 times as high. Given my approach before I came to you, and what you shaped for me, I never would have had this kind of success. What you created, and our talk on the phone, really helped me see, too, what I have to offer and where I fit into to the industries and specific companies I have targeted.

Blessings and Gratitude - Truly,


I just wanted to thank you for choosing Lex to work with me! Lex has delivered the service in such an incredible and creative manner, he has shown a blend of business and technical executive resume writing proficiency even in the GCC Markets, in which made the whole process of building my personal branding experience simple and fruitful!

I will definitely continue using your services when needed and spread how it has been an overwhelming experience to working with Lex and Great Resumes Fast!

Thanks once again for the outstanding service and treatment that I’ve received - A VERY SATISFIED & HAPPY CUSTOMER…

Best Regards,
Saeed AKM, MBA
Chief Operating Officer

I have been busy transitioning from my old position, preparing for my new job and taking (and passing) my PMP exam!!

The response to my new resume was very strong! Actually, since I was preparing for my PMP I wasn't planning a full scale search until after my test. I did however see two positions that were very strong matches and sent to them. I received a reply almost immediately and interviewed extensively for both. The one I chose offered me the position which was a step up from my current role and was a 15% increase in salary!!

Thanks again!


I wanted to take a moment to thank your company once again for the enjoyable experience. I have secured a CTO position and feel my updated resume and LinkedIn helped quite a bit. I've given your name to several friends including ***** who used your whole executive suite of services. I'll continue to spread the word and come back when I need an update.

I've had two really positive experiences with your company and have been pleased with the outcome. I will continue to utilize your services in the future and appreciate everything you all have to offer for the executive jobseeker like myself.


– Major Pharmaceutical Company | Central New Jersey

I want to take a brief moment to express my gratitude for the excellent service Lex provided, and the fantastic end product he delivered. I am impressed how Lex was able to covert our conversation(s) and documents provided into a piece of art. As I read the resume, I could not believe it was me, I said to myself I would hire this person. For your awareness within 24 hours of posting my resume, I started receiving inquiries from headhunters and replies to jobs that I applied to, I don’t think that this would have been possible without assistance of Lex expertise.

I have already started sharing your contact information with my colleagues. Thank you, and look forward to using your services in the future and working with Lex.

– Senior Executive

I wanted to immediately drop you a note of recommendation and thanks for the outstanding service and treatment that I have received working with Eve and Great Resumes Fast, your team.

I must confesses I was a little skeptical at first and questioning could anyone else really do a better job writing about myself than myself?

The result in 5 days has blown me away quite literally. The service I have received from Eve my writer from day one was excellent and our first draft consisted of changing about a dozen words - no more!

I now have far more than a resume, I have a personal brand that I am thrilled with and confident an outcome that will greatly raise my profile in my marketplace.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending your service to others.

A very happy client...

June 12, 2016, Richard was Jessica H.'s client

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This is all terrific! You did an incredible job in your articulation of my skills and strengths as well as your creative design of my resume. I couldn't be more pleased, and definitely feel more confident about starting the job search will these in hand. Such a joy working with you!

Thank you, both.

Jessica, you have a team of rock stars. What an awesome service you all provide...

– Technology Executive

Thank you and your team for all of your help. Working with you and my writer was fantastic! She was clearly familiar with my field, skilled at technical executive resumes, and made the process simple and easy. I was impressed by everyone I worked with and highly recommend Great Resumes Fast to any CIO/CTO or executive looking for resume assistance.

April 13, 2016, Christian was Jessica H.'s client

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– Technology Coordinator

I wanted to let you know how things were going with the fantastic resume Chris wrote for me. I finally had a chance this past Monday to apply for 11 jobs using the new resume & cover letter. Within 45 minutes I got an email from the president of a company (and not a small company either they have 180 employees at 2 locations) asking me for a phone interview. We spoke yesterday for nearly an hour and they want me to come out the week before Easter for a face to face interview, they are very interested in offering me the position of IT Technical Coordinator. I have no doubt that it was the resume that got them to respond so quickly.

I can’t thank Chris enough for doing such a great job. I will let you know how the interview goes and what other kind of response I get from the other 10 companies.

Thank you again very much, a VERY satisfied customer, Paul Buckley

March 9, 2016, Paul was Jessica H.'s client

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– Regional Sales Director

I want to thank you and your team for the collaboration and development of my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. Eve especially did a fabulous job on all the documents - she was excellent to work with. I am very pleased with the quality of the work, and the speed at which things progressed. I appreciate the very clean structure that lies behind everything. I am continually amazed at the positive responses I receive from recruiters and hiring managers. Great job!! Thank you.

March 7, 2016, John was Jessica H.'s client

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– SharePoint Developer & Administrator

Hi Jessica!

Just a quick note on my resume writer. I started sending out my resume and I ended up having 9 interviews and now have an amazing job at a major hospital running SharePoint. So I applaud everyone’s effort! Your company is my GO-TO resource for resume writing and LinkedIn profile writing.

Again thanks for a job well done!

March 7, 2016, Keith was Jessica H.'s client

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– IT Executive

I want to express how pleased I am with the outcome and the way Chris performed throughout the process. I was skeptical given the complexity of my prior role and the challenge I have in terms of reinventing myself somewhat, that Chris would be able to so successfully interpret my concerns and translate my background so effectively into my updated materials. He is bright and energetic and seems genuinely committed to a wonderful work product.

– President

Hi Jessica- just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the service of Great Resumes Fast. Felicia Dominguez was completely professional and comprehensive. She asked me great questions about my previous work history that led to a pretty impressive resume! I was in no hurry about getting the resume back because I'm not actively looking for a position, but Felicia was still determined to get my documents and revisions to me quickly. I feel a lot of pride and confidence when I read my resume thanks to Felicia's efforts! Thanks very much for your service. I will definitely recommend you to others!

– Chief Nursing Officer

I am extraordinarily pleased with the effort that my resume writer spent getting to understand my unique knowledge, skills and abilities in order to expertly write a resume that I feel that I could not produce on my own. I showed my resume to the HR professionals where I am employed and they called it one of the "best they've ever seen". I give Jessica and her team my highest recommendation!

October 28, 2015, Richard was Jessica H.'s client

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I just wanted to let you know that I have accepted a position as the Lead Program Manager, DOD/VA healthcare collaborations for the entire national capital region. My salary increased by $30,000. Thank you so much for all of your hard work! This is a wonderful service and worth every penny! Merry Christmas and Happy 2016!

Daryn did a great job! Just wanted to let you know. The national recruiter that interviewed me said it was one of the best resumes and bio he had ever seen!

I am extraordinarily pleased with the effort that my resume writer spent getting to understand my unique knowledge, skills and attributes in order to expertly write a resume that I feel that I could not produce on my own. I showed my resume to the HR professionals where I am employed and they called it one of the "best they've ever seen".

I am going to be completely honest with you. I am truly, for the first time in a long time, speechless. You wrote the resume the way I always wanted it to be written. It showcases my career better than I could of ever imagined!

I was very satisfied with the resume and LI profile. My resume got me an interview at the first place I applied and the LI profile has increased the number of views I have had. I have been receiving calls for positions I was not pursuing, but fit my skill-sets. The product I received has really put me in the driver seat and afforded me the opportunity to be more selective in my search. Thanks for following up.

Just felt compelled to provide a quick word of feedback regarding your service. Just about to wrap up my final resume and linked-in edits with my writer. Simply put, what your company provides is really special. All the accolades are definitely earned and accurate, and I have colleagues who are using your service as well and feel the same.


– Educational Administration / High Education

Thank you so very much. These documents are wonderful. You are terrific and I sincerely appreciate you taking your time to listen to me and make me feel that my professional experiences mean something. The experience of creating a professional resume and cover letter was very worthwhile. I appreciate the "give and take" and working as a team. You have a talent for making people sound and feel good! I'll keep you posted (if you like) on my progress in the job market.

I'm so glad you contacted me. Eve has just been terrific and I was hoping to have the opportunity to let you know. She worked beyond her hours and on weekends and I feel that she really wanted to "get it right."

Thank you for selecting Eve to work with me—it was a great fit!

– Sr. Sales Engineer

Two Thumbs Up to Great Resumes Fast!

Spending 18 years at one company pretty much means you don't need to update your resume. When I left that company, I realized how much help I needed to update mine. A friend recommended Great Resumes Fast and what an AWESOME recommendation it was. I was assigned to a writer who was able to ask the right questions and get an excellent resume written.

When I needed an update, I contacted them again with similar results. Both times, the level of service, the speed and attention and the quality of customer service they provided was incredible. I have the job I was looking for and can definitely thank the team at Great Resumes Fast.

– Communications Executive

I cannot thank you enough for the great work done by your team. I am very pleased with the results.

– Chief Information Officer

Thank you for your wonderful work on my resume and cover letter! You did an amazing job and were so great to work with for both deliverables. Thanks for going the extra mile twice in quickly completing and editing my documents.

– Operations Engineer & Project Management

I spoke with you a few months ago regarding your service. At that time, given my financial situation, I was extremely hesitant about forking over the funds for the service. In all honesty, it took me about 20 minutes to hit the payment submit button on your site! Looking back now, it was worth every penny. I was partnered with Maggie Graham. From the onset of our very first call, Maggie made me feel like I was her top priority. Together we collaborated and produced some excellent documents. Maggie’s patience, professionalism and dedication were outstanding. She truly listened to my ideas and provided honest feedback and guidance. I am very meticulous. I’m sure if you would asked her, she would probably agree that I was probably one of her more challenging, picky clients! With that being said however, she handled all of our interactions with such grace and never once made me feel as though I was pushing the ‘anal’ limits. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and her personality made the whole process very enjoyable. She approached everything with a sense of urgency and her turn-around time was fantastic. I feel as though she went above and beyond the call, often times receiving emails from her on weekends and late evenings! I am very confident that the cover letter and resume we produced will open many doors in the near future. Overall, I am extremely satisfied and will recommend Great Resumes Fast accordingly.

Ridiculously efficient is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Daryn. I had the pleasure of working with Daryn to revamp my resume after my college graduation. I was particularly impressed with his ability to take what I said in our consulting sessions and craft a resume that reflected my personal brand perfectly! His thought-provoking questions helped me assess my past job experiences in order to showcase all my accomplishments. I recommend Daryn to anyone who needs to revamp their resume!

– Senior Rate Analyst, Public Utilities

I was hired less than a month after your firm finalized my resume. I've really enjoyed the work I've done, and apparently it has showed, as I've been promoted to Senior Rate Analyst and received three merit-based salary increases in just four years.

– Chief of Police

I just finished working with my writer to create my resume and cover letter. She was nothing short of outstanding! She was truly a pleasure to work with and I could not be more pleased with the resume and cover letter she created. Working with your organization has been a great experience! I have had two colleagues review my resume and they both have/intend to reach out to you to have their resumes crafted. Thanks again!

I want to let you know what a pleasure it has been to work with my writer. She has created a fantastic resume for me and was so patient and understanding with all my revisions. She really went above and beyond to make sure she understood my background to create the perfect brand. She is awesome.

– Operations Executive

Thank you for the draft and yes, we are impressed to say the least. A lot of good information and exactly what we were looking for. As always, your staff are customer focused and continue to deliver a top-notch service at the right time! It's always a pleasure to work with someone who appreciates their customers.

– Education

First, I'd like to let you know that I had a wonderful experience working with Maggie Graham - she far exceeded my expectations. I am extremely satisfied with my "products" and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for these types of services.

Thanks you.

– R&D Information Scientist & Researcher

I can’t tell you how happy I am with all of the documents. Is this really me?? you did a fantastic job bringing out the importance (value added component ) to each position. I now realize I simply had a laundry list that just would not be interesting to anyone !! It really jumps out now, not just what I have done, but with who, and the significance of each outcome. I can’t believe how bad that piece of %&#$ was I have been submitting as I said, no wonder no one was interested!


Within 48 hours a positive response from my new letter/CV you prepared!!

Just to let you know within a couple of days of sending my new letter/CV to that great position I was hoping for.... I got a positive response! I was asked to fill out a lengthy document with a bunch of HR type questions ....and they viewed that very positively and they want to proceed to next interview steps!!

– Hospitality General Manager

To Maggie: I am seriously OVER THE MOON! It has the perfect tone and it feels like me!

Thank you, thank you, thank you…..PLEASE send my accolades to you and to Jessica and thank the entire team for their effort. I truly feel "armed and ready to go".

To Jessica: Boy am I glad I decided to reach out to you personally. Your quick response (literally 5 min) to my email and your assignment of Maggie to my cover letter was spot on with what your company's mission statement said. Thanks again for your help. And now…the job hunt begins!

Carrie M.

– College Applicant

Great Resumes Fast helped me build an attractive resume for my college application to USC. Many thanks to Daryn. He was extremely helpful and easy to work with. He made sure everything that was needed was on the resume. I was accepted to USC in the long run and I would have to thank Daryn and Great Resumes Fast for that!

– Healthcare

My experience with Great Resumes Fast met my very high expectations. I appreciated the attention to detail and the ability of my resume writer to compile my past and current career experiences into an excellent finished product that took all of my requests into consideration. I was impressed with my resume writer's willingness to schedule time to discuss my resume and work with me through additional details I forgot to discuss during our initial conversation. The turnaround for the resume was also impressive for the initial copy and after the updates that I requested. I highly recommend your services because of the integrity that goes behind your willingness to stand behind your product.

– Public Policy Administrator

In the middle of January I contacted Great Resumes Fast to help me do a facelift on my old resume and produce a brand new one that will stick out. Then on January 28th, I received my finished resume that day and started to post for jobs on LinkedIn and other places. My brand new resume stood out and I had a job interview this past Tuesday (7 days after receipt of resume). Today (9 days after receiving resume), I was offered the job that I interviewed for and I can say your service worked.

Thank You

– Research Analyst

This is exactly what I was hoping for!

You were right....I am completely blown-away how well you took the information we discussed and where I want to go in my career and turned it into this great resume!

Thank you so much.

– Marketing Executive

Thank you again for all of your hard work on my resume. It looks fantastic and well worth the $$$. I very much appreciate it!

– Logistics and Operations Management

We received this great feedback from Gene only two days after he received his new resume!


Just wanted to let you know I have received numerous calls after I circulated my resume. Many thanks!

– Director of Human Resources Operations

Great Resumes Fast Client - Andrea Clinard You did an amazing job and I am sending business your way. In fact, your work has already got me a job. I updated my resume on Indeed.com and got an interview invitation within days. It is a dream job for me and better than anything I saw advertised. You do great work that helps people achieve their potential.

– Project Manager

The resume looks great. It's been years since I've actually had to retool a resume. I will definitely refer you guys.

– Field Crew Manager

I wanted to let you know that Wes was offered and accepted the position which he applied for using the resume and cover letter that you helped to generate. They only thing they had of him was his resume, it had to represent everything about him, they did not even receive his name. With your help he landed the job. I can honestly say without your help and revisions I don't think he would have been offered the position with the pay he was asking for. Thank you so much for your help and support during a very stressful time when applying for a job with a quickly approaching deadline. Thank you, thank you thank you, from the both of us.

Melissa delCarpio, wife of client Wesley Harper

– Journalist

During one interview last week, the managing director of the company said I had the best resume they'd received - not only in terms of experience but also in terms of presentation. He asked if I had had professional help with it and I said yes, I did. Then I got a phone call yesterday from someone else who said my resume was fantastic. I thought you'd be happy to know that! It was wonderful working with Gail and I would definitely recommend her and Great Resumes Fast whenever possible.

After graduating with my Master's degree and working with two career counselors to help me create a resume and cover letter, I became distraught when many months passed by and I was still unable to find work. While many people claimed the economy was just "too bad", I didn't believe it could be that bad to not even get one call. Two rejection letters later and savings depleting to the point of no hope, I decided to take action and do something that many people around me frowned upon. I researched professional resume writers because I felt that something was wrong when a qualified individual with much experience and education was getting turned down. That led me to Great Resumes Fast and I am so glad I went this route. My writer Amy was the nicest person ever (and many other companies did not have friendly people who were willing to truly help you). I felt that Amy went above and beyond and continued until I was fully satisfied.

She got to know me well enough to provide a targeted and efficient resume that looked and read amazingly. The cover letter...honestly, I have been speechless because I don't think I could have ever created such an eloquent letter. As soon as we were done with the documents I needed, I began applying to positions and SERIOUSLY, I received plenty of calls the same week I applied and three of them the SAME day I applied. I was so overwhelmed with interviews within my field the same week and second week after applying that I realized I wasn't fully prepared for interviews because I didn't expect them that soon! I was filled with joy and I am convinced that if I had not taken this step I would still be unemployed because to this date no one has called with reference of my previous resume. This company and Amy were the backbone of my search and landing a position. My partner tried a separate resume writing company around the same time I did because it was cheaper and he still has not been interviewed or even received a call of interest and his field has way more positions available than my field, so it should have been easier for him.

This company is worth every penny because I would have no funds if I was still unemployed. Two weeks after interviewing I was offered the best position. I am now working for a great company and love my job where I will be able to obtain the experience I need in line with my career goals.

I now know that when the next step arises to rise that ladder for a higher position, I will look nowhere but Great Resumes Fast."

– Chief Operations Officer

Great Resumes Fast Client - Brenda SonnekI sent the resume to a recruiter I'd connected with and he said that it was one of the best resumes he's had run across his desk...and he's been doing this 11 years. I’ve now sent my resume to four places and all four have called me—three within 1 day, and the fourth now today (3rd business day after I sent it).

Thank you all!

– Assistant Chief Financial Officer

I accepted an Assistant Chief Financial Officer Position with a Fortune 500 Company on Friday, May 25, 2012. This position includes a development program where I will have the opportunity for a promotion to a Chief Financial Officer of a hospital. Base salary of $105,000. and a 20% bonus based on hospital performance.

I can't thank you enough for your professional resume services and advice, as they were instrumental in providing me the opportunity to interview with such an exceptional organization.

– Human Resources

Hi Jessica,

I asked Virginia Franco to give me her supervisor's email so that I could let you know what a terrific job she did on revamping my resume. I had been unemployed for over a year when I decided to go ahead and spend the money to have my resume professionally done. As an HR professional, I thought that the resume I had done for myself was good enough, but apparently it wasn't.

Two weeks after working with Virginia on my new and improved resume I was offered (and accepted) a job. Your company is highly rated on various websites and I'm sure it's because of people like Virginia. She was friendly and engaging and clearly her work speaks for itself.

I feel an enormous sense of relief at being able to return to the working world and I believe that Virginia played a significant part. I just wanted someone in your organization to know.

Sallyann Tracy

The resume was great. I was accepted to 5 of 9 MBA programs I applied to. I'm expecting to be admitted to two more which I'm 99.9% sure I will get. Pretty much 7 of 9. Maybe all 9 but it's safe to say I will be admitted to 7 of them.

The resume had great reviews. I got accepted into my top choice. Also, one school mentioned she has never seen a resume like mine in the full-time, part-time, or executive programs which she said was nice. Thank you again.

The quick transformation of an ancient resume and the addition of a cover letter has enhanced my professional profile to present myself in today's job market. I appreciated the insight and advise provided throughout our correspondence which is a valued quality and again, thank you.

I look forward to future projects with you and Great Resumes Fast.

I wanted to wait six weeks before getting back to you to see how well my updated resume was rec'd - frankly, I'm amazed at the results your work produced. I have been BOMBARDED with calls/e-mails from recruiters and companies - I'm up to almost 70 inquiries in four weeks of having my resume on Monster anonymously. Some people have called me back and raised their hourly bill rate for no other reason than I simply didn't return their first call!

The funny thing is, I'm not even seriously looking, especially now that my wife got back to full-time much faster than we anticipated - I only put up the resume to see just how well it work. Now I know - I have strongly recommended the company (and you specifically) to several folks who are looking around. Just a phenomenal job, and worth every penny I paid.

– VP & Head of Project Finance

I just wanted to inform you that I got a job as VP and Head of Project Finance at a San Francisco-based company. I wanted to thank you for your help with my new resume, as I think it made a big difference in landing the job! I really appreciate your help.

I want to thank you for all your help! You were easy to talk to, the process was quick, and the result is great. I will definitely recommend your services to everyone I know.

– Health Care & Pharmaceuticals Consultant

Great Resumes Fast Client - Marisa BarnesAs a consultant who provides a rather unique service, I struggled with how best to present myself and my business to prospective clients. Unfazed, the writers at Great Resumes Fast took on that challenge for me and created an exceptional LinkedIn profile and professional resume that not only accurately describes my skills and services, but places me directly in the marketplace fully prepared with a promotional portfolio. I cannot thank the writers enough for their commitment, time, and expertise. To me, what they accomplished in such a quick turn-around time is nothing short of miraculous.

This resume looks so fantastic and I am ecstatic with it! I could have never created this myself, or made my experiences sound so articulate or qualified. Thank you!! I can't tell you enough how thrilled I am with how they turned out! I love the thank you letter as well, and am positive that these will yield great results. I am beyond thrilled and so confident in the end products. You have been an absolute pleasure to work with! I would recommend both you and Great Resumes Fast a thousand times over. I feel very assured that my documents are just what I need to set me apart from all of the other countless applicants. This reference page, just like the resume and cover letter, look better than anything I could ever create or even hope to create!

– Executive

I have been overwhelmed with the amount of calls and interviews!! This is a wonderful thing!! I want to thank you personally for all of the hard work and effort you put forth to help me with my resume. You were wonderful to work with and your skills as a resume writer are unbelievable!! I would recommend Great Resumes Fast to anyone looking for a resume development company. My goal was to achieve an executive level position outside of the normal field I was in for the past 10 years. Guess what? You helped me achieve it!


Dear Jessica,

I wanted you to know about my amazing and fabulous experience with Sue Walker, professional resume writer, with your company Great Resumes Fast.

I have been independently employed for the last 21 years and am making a huge career move by returning to the health care environment. My CV was updated, although totally inappropriate for today's market. I had no idea what I needed to do to compete in today's market, where most job searches are impersonal, uploading one's resume to a computer who reads it first (how bizarre is that!) and tosses the resume out if it doesn't contain particular "keywords" and then, if you are lucky, passed on to a human who then is still looking for these magical keywords. So, needless to say, despite my advanced education and credentials, years upon years of valuable experience, my current resume in no way represented me. I have been floundering for months.

I did my research on resume companies, found Great Resumes Fast online, and decided to go with your company to develop an Executive Resume for me. I was sold on your company because of the conversation that was promised with the writer. Not all companies offered that (and their prices were similar to yours!), and I knew that without a conversation(s) with the writer this could not be a successful co-creation process. I can't begin to put into words how happy I am with my finished product. I'm not just happy, I'm THRILLED! I am so excited and proud to have a document that represents my true self, talents, and skills. I cannot wait to present this to clients as I go forth in my job search. I am just so happy with the outcome!! Hear the applause and accolades!! I am more than a satisfied customer. I am AMAZED at the transformation of my old resume to the current one that was produced by Sue. I now will be able to move ahead in my job search with far more confidence, grace and ease. That is priceless! I know I am repeating myself here, but I just can't say enough about how pleased I am with the end result.

I'd like to rave a bit about Sue. Sue quickly called me after I submitted my request. She was able to take my resume and the voluminous amount of material I sent her, drill it down into a beautiful succinct format that included a Branding Summary, Skills and Areas of Expertise (which has all the right "keywords"), Selected Achievements, Education & Certifications, Professional Experience, Awards, Research & Publications, and Volunteer Work. I have a very diverse and complex work history. She listened closely to me, asked very good questions to understand my situation thoroughly, drilled down the essence of who I am and put those words on paper such that my accomplishments are clearly described, are concrete and measurable, and beautifully laid out. I so appreciated Sue's warm and directive style. She was able to coach me through the process in such a way that I totally felt like I was in competent hands and I trusted her wisdom completely.

I just wanted you to know how grateful I am that I found Great Resumes Fast. You could not have a happier customer!

Thank you Sue, and Jessica for your services!
They are truly life changing for me.

– Principal Architect/Sr. Consultant

I just got an interview for my dream job at Disney based on my great new resume!

Thank you Great Resumes Fast and thank you Amy!

– Team Leader - Lender Processing Services

Great Resumes Fast Client - George Pottenkulam

Choosing Great Resumes Fast was one of the smartest things I have done. After struggling with my old resume for a few months I sent my info to Great Resumes Fast. The staff worked quickly and successfully with my information and developed a superior resume. Within a few weeks I had several calls from multiple well-known companies.

Great Resumes Fast gave me the opportunity to be able to choose where I wanted to work in an economy where the options were limited and the market was flooded with other qualified candidates. I have since joined a great company and the main reason was my resume stood out from everyone else.

I have referred the services of Great Resumes Fast to many family and friends who have also chosen Great Resumes Fast and I will continue to do so.

– Vice President/IT Executive

I'd just like to say that you were an absolute pleasure to work with. I was very apprehensive about taking the step to get help with my resume, but you made the entire process very comfortable, and extremely worthwhile. I was very impressed by the way that you were able to take in all my raw material, including long rambling conversations, and create a very clear concise picture of my career. My wife even knows what I've done now, I was never really able to explain it to her in the past.

I cannot thank you enough.

– Operations Management/Business Consulting

I wanted to thank you for helping me re-position myself through a new resume that I desperately needed. When we first spoke, I knew you sounded very knowledgeable and confidant that you could help me even though we only spent about an hour on the phone. I didn't expect you to produce the best resume I have ever seen in 4 days. Sending me job descriptions of where you thought I would fit was brilliant, and I even applied to some of those jobs after I got my new resume. I have seen testimonials before but this is the truth. Within 3 weeks of sending out my new resume and cover letter I had 4 phone interviews with serious companies for consulting jobs, and I never did consulting before. You highlighted my transferable skills and the phone started ringing. I have now completed 3 of the 4 phone interviews and all 3 are moving forward. One of them is with a large, well known global business services company.

I really have to give you credit. You were able to bring out my most valuable skills and make me shine. This is the first testimonial I have ever done but you were spot on and whatever happens with these jobs, I know more will be coming.

I have been looking for a year and a half with my previous "professional" resume. Never got a call.

– Information Technology

Thank you very much for your hard work over the last week. The improvements to my resume are nothing short of amazing. I am very appreciative of the knowledge, skills, and sense of humor you brought to this task.

I have already talked with several colleagues about my positive experience with Great Resumes Fast in general and you in particular and I will certainly continue to do speak well of you both.

I wish you all the best and I thank you again for all of your efforts on this document that is so crucial to my professional life.

– Financial Advisor

Great Resumes Fast Client - Kristina CummingsMy experience in working with Great Resumes Fast far surpassed any expectations that I had. I first contacted Great Resumes Fast to have my resume updated because it had been over 5 years since it was last done. Jessica and her staff are truly gifted at what they do. Never would I have expected that my resume would have turned out the way that it did. The friendly professional service that I received did not go unnoticed. It was so refreshing to work with a company that put their customer first and made sure that I was completely satisfied with my resume. I would and have recommended to friends and colleagues Great Resumes Fast.

– Academic Business Administration Management/Finance

Great Resumes Fast Client - MaryPat ChiavaroliJessica Holbrook is a master of her craft. When I contacted her about preparing a new resume, I was on the fence about seeking professional assistance for my resume, but after ten months searching for work I knew I had to do something. I had revised and edited my resume so many times it had morphed into something that lacked focus. In this job market, a resume needs to be sharp and specific to make it through the vetting process. Jessica interviewed me and listened to me talk for nearly an hour. She heard what I said and keyed in on strategic skills and accomplishments and she understood where my heart was. I was so pleased with the document she prepared. My new resume demonstrated my background and my personality and reflected me so much better than I could ever do myself. This new document boosted my confidence too, which is challenged during layoffs.

Jessica is a true professional and I offer the highest recommend for her. I am blessed to have a job now and it happened shortly after I began using my new resume.

– Vice President of Operations

Great Resumes Fast Client - Brian HenryJessica is a detail oriented professional who has a great depth of knowledge regarding resume creation and career management guidance. As an 18-year industry professional I had not updated my resume for some time. When I needed to get back into the workforce I found my resume was not working for me. I had initially turned to much higher-priced services, but still found significant barriers.

Jessica was able to suggest a fresh approach that not only emphasized my strong selling points, but provided a feature-laden resume that was formatted to work effectively with latest HR selection criteria. Jessica was patient, supportive and an awesome resource... and the services provided by her company are a significantly better value than anything else that I have found.

I would highly recommend Jessica's services to anyone in need of a resume overhaul or career management guidance.

– Entrepreneur/Business Owner

Great Resumes Fast Client - Aprel Phelps-DowneyJessica is a professional individual that is extremely detail oriented and works to bring her clients that extra touch that puts their resumes and cover letters at the top of the pile. She takes the time to find out a client's career goals and utilizes that information to provide detailed results. Working with her has been a fantastic experience!

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