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Executive Value Proposition Letter

A brief and persuasive account of what you accomplish—not what you do. Increasingly more critical for 6- and 7-figure executives, it is clear, concise, and worded in metrics, i.e. dollars ($) and percentages (%). Intended to be mailed to the CEO, President, Owner, or other top decision maker.

A great value proposition letter should answer questions such as:

  1. Why should I invest my time in talking to you?
  2. What value do you offer my company?
  3. What’s in it for me?
  4. What makes you so special?

CEOs want answers to these questions—and the more you can measure what you accomplish, the more it means. In an Executive Value Proposition Letter we answer these questions in a concise and compelling way, providing the top decision maker proof that you offer the company value.

Your Executive Value Proposition Letter will:

  • Address a problem the company is facing.
  • Provide proof you can tackle this problem.
  • Use short sentences and paragraphs and power words to keep the reader’s interest.
  • Utilize specific metrics and facts to achieve instant credibility.
  • Written in a conversational tone and is 150 words or less.

According to Jobbait.com Executive Value Proposition Letters direct mailed to the company President, CEO, or owner are 85% successful at securing employment within 90 days compared to Networking (30% success) and using job boards (1% success). The odds are in your favor when you start utilizing a Value Proposition Letter now.

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"85% of job seekers who use a Value Proposition Letter land a job in 90 days or less. Few job search methods are as radically successful. Add this great tool to your job search arsenal today."

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