"What’s Wrong with My Resume? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself & How to Fix It"

This brand new 10-module e-learning course was born out of my heart’s desire to provide job seekers who cannot invest in working one-on-one with a certified resume writer the expert help and guidance they desperately need to figure out what’s missing on their resume and how they can fix it.

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Get answers to these burning questions every job seeker wants to know and more:

  • What’s wrong with my resume?
  • What is it missing?
  • Do I have the right keywords? If not, where do I find them and how do I incorporate them into my resume?
  • What is personal branding and how do I find my personal brand?
  • Is my resume too long or too short?
  • What if I don’t have any numbers or quantifiable information I can use on my resume?
  • Is my resume optimized for applicant tracking software? If not, how do I optimize it?
  • What if I don’t have a degree or didn’t finish my degree how do I explain that?

This e-learning course will provide insight into:

  • Dealing with common resume problems
  • Busting old resume myths
  • Career transitions, employment gaps and job hopping
  • Addressing your biggest resume challenges and providing tons of additional resources, tips, strategies.

What's included with this e-learning course?

The “What’s Wrong with My Resume? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself & How to Fix It” self-paced e-learning course includes:

  • 10-module PowerPoint Presentation — complete with audio and follow along slides.
  • 50-page Workbook — 20+ pages of resume samples, keyword lists by industry, ATS optimization tips, 300+ action verbs you can use right now, advice for career transitions, challenging situations, and gaps in employment.

I’m ready to figure out what’s wrong with my resume and fix it so I can be
confident that my resume will work and get me the position I want.

E-LEARNING COURSE - "What’s Wrong with My Resume?" - [ $197 ]
Introductory Price – Limited Time! [ $97 ]

Techy stuff: Once you sign up for the course you’ll receive an automatic e-mail from me with information on how you can access the course online, hear the audio and download the PDF workbook that accompanies the course. You’ll need PowerPoint to view the slides to the presentation and hear the audio. You can download the PowerPoint Viewer for free.

If you prefer to listen only the audio files are also included online with your access. If you have any questions, concerns or need help troubleshooting you can e-mail me.

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