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Once you’ve signed up to work with us, your resume writer will call you to schedule your 60-minute resume branding and strategy call. We offer a comprehensive and personalized service. For a complete look at how our process works please visit: How Our Resume Writing Process Works
All you need to do to get started is place your order online for the services you need. Once your order is placed you are given the opportunity to upload a resume or position announcement (if you have one). If you don’t have one, that’s OK; we don’t need it to get started. After we receive your order I assign your writer, and he or she will call you to set up a time to conduct your consultation.
You will have your resume in hand for review within 3-5 business days from the time you complete your consultation with our writer. We also offer a priority service for clients up against a tight deadline that guarantees your resume back for review within 48 hours of your consult.
If you sign up online before 5:00 p.m. ET your writer will call you the same day to set up your consultation. If your order is received after 5:00 p.m. our writer will call you the next morning.
We are very flexible and will work around your schedule. We understand that you can’t talk about your resume while you’re at work. We can accommodate you with evening and weekend consultations, and we work with clients in all time zones around the world. Our goal is to work around your schedule so that it’s convenient for you. We just ask that you set aside 60-90 minutes for the initial consultation.
After you place your order online a writer is assigned to you. The writer will contact you first via telephone to schedule a convenient time for your consultation. If we are unable to reach you via telephone we’ll leave a message and follow up with an e-mail.
No. We do not use worksheets or questionnaires. My view on them is that they’re a waste of your time and energy. We’d much rather speak with you one-on-one to get the information we need in order to write the best resume for you.
I advise clients that the initial consultation is typically 60-90 minutes long. It can take longer in some cases, depending on your individual situation and how much information the writer needs to gather.
You do not need a resume in order to get started with us. We can gather all the information we need over the phone. Once you submit your order we e-mail you a consultation preparation sheet that will let you know what information the writer will be looking for during the consultation. This preparation sheet will give you an idea of what the writer will want to discuss in order to make the consultation as effective as it can be.
Once you place your order online for the services you need we do not need anything else. We will contact you to schedule your consultation and get started on your new resume. However, if you have an old resume you want to send or a position you’re targeting, we would very much like to see both. You can upload them on the resume upload page immediately after you place your order, or you can e-mail them directly to your writer when he or she calls you to schedule the consultation.

I built Great Resumes Fast as a values-based company, and I endeavor every day to keep it that way. We strive to treat our clients the way we would want to be treated if we were having our resumes professionally written by someone.

The writers on my staff are some of the best in the business. Lower-priced sites tend to utilize mostly junior-level, newly certified or non-certified writers. I know because I used to compete with their services—and the quality of the writers and the documents they produced served only to create more issues than successes for my clients.

One day I finally decided enough was enough. I didn’t want my clients to have OK resumes that may or may not work for them; I wanted my clients to have the BEST resumes. A resume they were proud to use—and delivered great results. In order to provide my clients with the best resumes, I had to find the best writers. So I started searching for writers who had been published in resume-writing books, had earned extra certifications or higher credentials, and had won resume-industry awards—veteran writers who knew how to craft a resume that was brand-driven and accomplishment-focused.

Every resume we create is structured around your personal brand. It tells your story, communicates the value you offer potential employers, and focuses on your results and successes. One of the things we offer that others do not is a comprehensive resume and personal branding strategy session. It’s not just a phone call to go over your resume and career history—it is a highly consultative and collaborative information-gathering session where your writer draws out valuable information to brand you, your job search, your LinkedIn profile (if you choose to have us write that as well), and any other documents your writer is crafting for you.

We offer our clients a highly customized and personalized service that other companies simply cannot compete with—and do not offer. That’s why their prices are so low. There’s no way they could offer a service as in-depth and personalized as ours at fees that low.

I also make myself personally available to my clients so that I can answer questions and assist them at any point during the process. It’s important to me that my clients know who they’re working with and what we stand for. I’m not so sure other resume services are as customer-focused and transparent.

Our interview-winning success rate for 2016 was over 99%. We worked with more than 500 clients—and only two requested rewrites. Typically, if a client has not received invitations to interview after using a resume we created, we usually find that it’s because of their job-searching methods—not necessarily the resume itself. Now we offer a free e-book with every resume writing service purchase that will help you diversify your job search; it contains great tips on how to use your new resume. We find that once clients know how to use their new resume, they’re incredibly successful landing interviews.
Absolutely! Most job seekers feel they have a unique, challenging, or troubling situation. But in six years of business, we’ve just about seen it all. We’ve worked with stay-at-home moms who’ve been out of the workforce for 12+ years; people who’ve experienced multiple layoffs or firings; huge gaps of employment; all kinds of career transitions; business owners returning to corporate; government employees transitioning to the private sector; clients with jack-of-all-trades experience; no degrees or unfinished degrees—and so many more, the list could go on and on. We’ve helped clients in ALL types of challenging job-search situations—it’s what we do!
We write for every major industry. From accounting to warehousing and everything in between. We also write for every career level, from new graduates to C-level executives. We also have writers on staff with specialized expertise writing for IT clients and military-transition job seekers.
I do my best to match clients and writers based on industry expertise. For example, if you’re an IT executive, then you will work with my best IT resume writer. A truly great resume writer is a master of his or her craft and can write for any industry. However, I am convinced that when there’s a match between the industries a writer knows best and the client’s industry, it is an instant recipe for resume success.
Yes, we work with clients from all over the world. My writers are global resume experts. We’ve written resumes for clients from Europe, Australia, Africa, Canada and many more. We can help clients who are searching for employment within their own country or searching globally. We can also help candidates who are seeking employment within the U.S. or are in the U.S. seeking employment internationally.

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