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Infographic: How Do You Show Soft Skills on Your Resume?

Infographic: How Do You Show Soft Skills on Your Resume? Soft skills assessment is one of the leading factors affecting future recruiting trends according to LinkedIn’s 2017 Global Recruiting Trends survey. As employers struggle with talent shortages culture fit and soft skills are becoming big game Read more…

Moving Beyond Generic Resume Terms: Powerful Action Verbs for a Standout Resume

At The Job Interview

When writing your resume it’s easy to get stuck in the rut of using the same verbs over and over or even using vague, generic phrases applicable to every candidate in the job market. I advise my clients to avoid generic and overused phrases like: responsible Read more…

2017 May Be a Job Seeker’s Market, But Your Resume Is Still Only a Tool and Not a Golden Ticket


As an executive resume writer I could tell you that a well-written, compelling resume is the golden ticket to make all of your career dreams come true. But then I wouldn’t be a very honest resume writer. Frankly, I’m surprised how many job seekers are under Read more…

3 Tips to Freshen Up Your Resume in 2017

How to Bring Your Resume into Focus

Employers are on the move trying to meet talent shortages and discover new ways to find qualified candidates. Job seekers are infused with optimism about the opportunities before them. If you’re one of the 74%+ of job seekers open to new opportunities this year you’re probably Read more…

Your Resume’s Success Is In Your Purpose and Your Passion

portrait of happy mature businesswoman using laptop computer

I’m sure the majority of us work so that we can provide for our families but don’t we also work because we’re passionate about something or feel we have a purpose for doing what we love? Life would lack some serious fulfillment if we were all Read more…

How Do I Write a Resume That Differentiates Myself from Other Similar Candidates?

Stand Out From the Crowd card with crowd of people on background

Why It’s Important to Separate Yourself from Other Candidates Far too many job seekers do not see the value or the importance of setting themselves apart from their competition on their resumes. They get stuck thinking they’re supposed to blend in or look like other ideally Read more…

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