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3 Tips to Help You Update Your Resume Quickly

3 Tips to Help You Update Your Resume Quickly

September is International Update Your Resume Month! Whether you are passively job seeking, open to new opportunities, or unemployed and raring to secure a new position, it is time to polish and revamp your resume to ensure success in today’s job market. ATS Maybe you’ve heard Read more…

How to Bring Your Resume into Focus

How to Bring Your Resume into Focus

Having trouble writing your resume? Not sure how to begin? The answer often lies in the fogginess of your objectives. If you aren’t sure of which jobs you want to target with your resume, it can easily become an exercise in listing everything you have ever Read more…

How to Make Your Medical Device Sales Resume Stand Out from Your Competition

how to make your medical device sales resume stand out

When it comes to sales resumes, many professionals assume that there are a few basic achievements that can highlight surrounding quota attainment. But there is always more to a role than meets the eye—and a resume, like a theatrical trailer, must pique the interest of your Read more…

Beyond the Buzzwords: How Do You Show Soft Skills on Your Resume?


Last week I was reading through LinkedIn’s recent 2017 Global Trends Survey and was intrigued to see that 35% of recruiters stated soft skills assessment as one of the leading factors affecting future recruiting trends. With a more competitive job market,  employers are saying that culture Read more…

The #1 Most Overused and Useless Resume Word – Delete It Now


Over the past 15 years I’ve read thousands upon thousands of resumes and there is one word that pops up more than any other word I’ve seen that does absolutely NOTHING for your resume or job search. The word professional is one of the most overused Read more…

4 Simple Ways to Customize Your Resume for Different Positions


Are you applying for similar roles but with different companies? Maybe you’ve decided to save yourself time by submitting the exact same resume to each position. It may be tempting, but don’t do it! You may think you can get away with submitting carbon-copy resumes, but employers Read more…

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