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INFOGRAPHIC: 25 Resume Tips to Dramatically Increase Interview Requests

INFOGRAPHIC: 25 Resume Tips to Dramatically Increase Interview Requests

If you’ve been sending out countless resumes but have received few responses your resume may be the issue. I’ve created a 25-point infographic resume tip sheet to help you evaluate your current resume and make much needed improvements that can dramatically increase your resume responses.   Read more…

INFOGRAPHIC: 3 Tips to Freshen Up Your Resume in 2017

INFOGRAPHIC: 3 Tips to Freshen Up Your Resume in 2017

Your resume is the first impression an employer gets from you and if your job search goal is to move upward, find better opportunities and take your career to the next level a professional, brand-driven resume is essential. A modern, visually-engaging resume is a great career Read more…

2017 May Be a Job Seeker’s Market, But Your Resume Is Still Only a Tool and Not a Golden Ticket


As an executive resume writer I could tell you that a well-written, compelling resume is the golden ticket to make all of your career dreams come true. But then I wouldn’t be a very honest resume writer. Frankly, I’m surprised how many job seekers are under Read more…

The #1 Resume Success Strategy

#1 Resume Success Strategy

The #1 Resume Success Strategy I’m often asked by my clients if there’s one secret resume success strategy or tip that can help them stand out from their competition. Job seekers often think their resume lacks something, and they use many words to describe what that Read more…

3 Easy Ways to Customize Your Resume

Customizing Resume, Resume Customization

In this day and age, you need to take advantage of every strategy possible to increase your odds of landing the position you are applying for. Competition for good jobs is stiff, and you want the edge on your competition. One way that you can accomplish Read more…

Is Embellishing Your Resume Part of the Job Search Game?

I was in a radio interview with the Local Job Network team this week discussing the perfect balance of a resume—and not overselling or understating yourself. And this question came up: It’s often perceived that embellishing one’s skills or experience is a part of the “game” Read more…

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