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Why References Are Important and How to Ask for Them

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In today’s job market, references are more important than ever before. Potential employers want to know your past work performance as well as your work habits from those who have seen you on a day-to-day basis. Here’s how to ensure you get the best references possible Read more…

Should I Add References to My Resume?

Like objective statements, adding references to resumes has become unnecessary.  Even including “references available upon request” is unneccessary because employers will request them if they want them. That being said, always bring a reference sheet with you to the interview to provide to the hiring managers. It Read more…

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Better Check Your References Before the Employer Does

There has long been a debate regarding references and whether or not to include them in a resume. Many applicants are uncomfortable providing the information up front, preferring instead to simply state that references are available upon request. This is an outdated method and I always Read more…

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References: Are Written or Verbal Better?

Have you ever wondered if it carries more weight to have a written reference letter, or if it makes a better impression to have your reference speak directly to the hiring manager on the phone? The answer is: both. Written references and verbal references serve different Read more…

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References are Not an Afterthought

If you’re asked about your references in the job interview, do you have a few names ready? Do you know what those people would say about you if they were called? You need to know how to choose the best references, how to make sure they Read more…

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Choosing and Using References in your Job Search

An important part of any job search is having references who can attest to your being a good employee.  As you begin your job search, take some time to consider which former coworkers will provide you with the most positive references possible.  Most potential employers will Read more…

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