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10 Reasons Why Brand-Driven Resumes Are Better

I’m convinced that resumes that are personally branded perform exponentially better than those that are not. And I’m hoping my top ten list will convince you too! You need a branded resume that markets you to employers! Here are ten reasons why brand-driven resumes are better! Read more…

3-Step Formula for An Outstanding Personal Branding Statement

Your resume is an amazingly important document; it not only speaks to your past accomplishments but acts as a predictor of your future capabilities. However, your resume can’t successfully complete this task if it isn’t packed with quality information. This includes an outstanding personal branding statement. Read more…

Creating A Standout Personal Branding Statement for Your IT Resume

Information technology is a unique field that has the privilege of being both highly-specialized and broad in its scope as new technologies develop and evolve. As a member of this field who is also seeking employment, you are likely to face candidates who bring a lot Read more…

The Difference Between Personal Branding and Your Personal Branding Statement

Your resume should be branded regardless of who you are and what your job search goals are; your resume has to be a unique representation that differentiates you from other candidates.  In much the same way that a business has to distinguish itself from others in Read more…

How to Create a Standout Personal Branding Statement for Your Resume

Many job seekers don’t understand just how important their personal brand is when trying to outline their capabilities as a candidate.  Your personal brand, if clearly defined, tells an amazing story of what you’ve accomplished in your career—and what you can hope to accomplish in the Read more…

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