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INFOGRAPHIC: LinkedIn Skill Endorsements Critical to Job Search

INFOGRAPHIC: LinkedIn Skill Endorsements Critical to Job Search

When you apply to positions posted on LinkedIn they automatically e-mail the employer a snapshot of your application which includes a very brief look at key highlights of your profile. One of the most notable changes to the new snapshot employers receive is how LinkedIn now Read more…

INFOGRAPHIC: What the Employer Sees and Receives When You Apply to a LinkedIn Job Posting

LinkedIn Employer Snapshot Infographic - What an employer receives when you apply to a LinkedIn Job Posting

Have you ever wondered what the employer receives and sees once you apply to a posted position on LinkedIn? Today I’m going to share with you some insider information about applying to positions on LinkedIn and what the employer receives and sees so you can make Read more…

Writing a LinkedIn Profile That Leads to an Exciting Job Offer in 30 Days or Less

This past week we had a client who received an exciting new job offer from a company that found him on LinkedIn using a LinkedIn profile we had written for him. We’ll call him Joe Smith. Within two weeks of using his LinkedIn profile, Joe was Read more…

Should I Just Copy and Paste My Resume to My LinkedIn Profile?

A LinkedIn profile serves a different purpose from that of a resume, and as such, shouldn’t be a word-for-word replication. LinkedIn is used for networking, professional connections, and also for your job search. Because most job seekers can and will apply for multiple positions—all slightly different—your Read more…

Are You Underutilizing LinkedIn? 7 Tips for Making the Most of Your Profile

When on the prowl for a new position, job seekers must turn every stone they run across.  This means taking advantage of networking opportunities, online forums, job boards, and other unexpected resources. For many, LinkedIn has become an amazing online tool for networking with professionals and Read more…

Does Your LinkedIn Profile Serve as a Good Resume Supplement?

A job search can easily move at a fast pace; so fast, in fact, that we don’t consider the importance of the steps we take in the process.  This can be true of searching for jobs, writing resumes and cover letters, and even choosing the companies Read more…

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