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10 Tips for Conducting Informational Interviews Infographic

10 Tips for Conducting Informational Interviews Infographic

Informational interviews help you gain the insight and information to advance your career. This infographic gives you 10 tips to help you seek advice, network, and find out more about company cultures. If this infographic was helpful to you, it will be to your network too. Read more…

Is an Interview “No” Always the Last Word?

One person saying Yes is worth more than many people saying No

If you’ve ever been turned down for a job you desperately wanted, you know how disheartening that can be. You probably just want to walk away, go home, curl up in your bed, and pull the covers over your head. Before you do that, consider the Read more…

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make in a Phone Interview

I have to admit, with more than 12 years of hands-on experience interviewing candidates for various positions, I find that the biggest mistakes aren’t made during the face-to-face interview; the ones that have really shocked me have been when I’ve interviewed a candidate over the phone. Read more…

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Changing Careers? How Can You Land the Interview?

Changing career fields can be daunting, especially in this economy when so many experienced candidates are competing for the same jobs. It can be hard to even land an interview-much less get an offer. However, with the right strategy, it’s possible for you to land the Read more…

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What to Look for In a Great Interview Coach

From career expert: Peggy McKee Author Website: Today’s job search is unlike any we’ve seen before. Competition is especially fierce in this economy, and candidates get weeded out quickly. If you’ve landed the interview, you need to bring your best game right off the bat Read more…

Can You Over-Prepare for Your Next Job Interview?

Insights from expert Peggy McKee I don’t think it’s even possible to be “over-prepared” for your job interview. The better prepared you are, the more confident you will be–and that shows. And especially in this job market, you’ve got to show up with your “A” Read more…

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