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Mistakes to Avoid on Social Media: How to Preserve Your Career and Your Job Search

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Nearly everyone is on social media these days, enjoying the connections it offers to friends and family. With that said, it can also wreak havoc on careers and job searches for those who aren’t careful about what they post. What may seem harmless to you may Read more…

2017 Is a Year of Hope and Opportunity for Job Seekers


I’ve always believed you should love what you do. Life is too short to be in a career where you’re unhappy and unfulfilled. Well, it’s time to be excited, get inspired, and allow yourself to be truly hopeful for your long-term career growth and job satisfaction. Read more…

7 Tips for Bouncing Back After Job-Search Rejection


It happens to the best of us. You put your best foot forward, applied, and got denied! Now you might be feeling down in the dumps, but there are ways to learn from your experience, quickly recover, and move on to even better opportunities. Don’t dwell Read more…

5 Signs You’re Not Prepared for a Job Interview and How to Fix It

Dismissal or failed job interview concept

Securing a coveted interview with a potential employer means you have passed the first test to getting your foot in the door with a new organization. Congratulations! While being asked to interview is an achievement in itself, now is the time to prepare to wow the Read more…

How LinkedIn’s Newest Job Search Tool Open Candidates Can Help Your Job Search

Linkedin - connecting people together.

I advise my clients that there’s no one sure-fire method for landing your dream job. To get the best results from any career search, you have to employ a variety of methods and tools. LinkedIn® is one of the many applications you can use to your Read more…

Working Around ATS to Land the Job You Want

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In today’s job market, the key to getting want you want is to spread your resume around in a variety of ways. One of the methods is filling out online applications through applicant tracking systems, which many of my clients have experienced frustration with. The good Read more…

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