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Is Your Body Language Keeping You From Getting the Job?

Arms Crossed

We say a lot with our bodies. When your spouse gets home from work, you can tell before they say a word how they’re feeling and whether or not they had a good day. If they’re feeling defeated and dejected, they’ll walk with their shoulders slumped Read more…

Two Surefire Ways to Stand Out to Hiring Managers and Get the Job

Portrait Of Businesspeople Group

You’ve no doubt been told—countless times—that you need to stand out in an interview. Tips and tricks for this range from creative ways to ask and answer questions to tips for wearing some piece of clothing with flair (e.g., a bright pocket square or pin) that Read more…

How One Woman Used a Stunt to Get a Job, Without Creeping Out the Interviewer

Young professional at job interview

You’ve probably heard about stunts when it comes to conducting a job search. Honestly, most of the time it’s a bad idea. Standing outside your potential employer’s home wearing a gorilla suit and a sandwich sign is weird. Spamming their Facebook makes you look like a Read more…

How to Use Your Interview to Check Out the Company’s Culture

[GRF-GuestBlogEntry] Dec.1st

Guest Post By Mark Feffer When talking to a prospective employer, you’re obviously thinking about how the job’s pay and benefits align with your skills and experience. But at the same time, you should be considering how well you’ll fit into the company’s culture. After all, Read more…

Is an Interview “No” Always the Last Word?

One person saying Yes is worth more than many people saying No

If you’ve ever been turned down for a job you desperately wanted, you know how disheartening that can be. You probably just want to walk away, go home, curl up in your bed, and pull the covers over your head. Before you do that, consider the Read more…

How to Use Informational Interviews to Find Hidden Jobs


This article is a part of my series, Hope for Your Job Search. This series is about helping relieve job seekers of the stress and frustration often associated with job searching and to show them that there is HOPE for a successful and short job search. Read more…

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