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How to Use Google for Jobs to Find Your Next Career

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How to Use Google for Jobs to Find Your Next Career

Google recently launched its own job search engine called Google for Jobs. It gathers its data from multiple sites, such as LinkedIn, Monster, or Facebook. Google for Jobs is a great tool to use as part of an online job search because it lets you see jobs from many different sites all in one place. It helps to maximize the time you spend searching. Here’s how to get started:

Type ‘jobs’ or ‘internships’ into a Google search and a box labeled ‘Jobs’ will pop up beneath the search bar.

. Google for Jobs (1)

You can specify types of positions by adding the specific position title. If you wanted to search for sales, you would simply type in “sales jobs”.

google for Jobs (2)

Only want to see positions near you? Type in “sales jobs near me”. Alternatively, you can choose the location too. I typed in “sales jobs in Jacksonville, FL” You can select any state or city.

Click on the Jobs box to be taken to this page:

Google for Jobs (3)

I think the best feature is that it pulls position openings from multiple sites and sources and eliminates the duplicates.

Narrow down your search in the search bar at the top by providing additional information:

Google for Jobs (4)

Pinpoint the right positions for you; click on industry, title, date posted, or type to find the best match.

Another great feature I love is that you can turn on job alerts and receive new search results via e-mail. It’s a substantial advantage to be first to hear of and apply to a new job opening. Although you cannot apply directly through Google, there will be a link to go to the posting online and apply.

Here’s a tip: Leverage the search function to target your dream companies, see any openings they currently have available, and monitor new openings.


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