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Pathways to the Top: How to Become a CEO

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Cover Letters Do Matter – How One Man’s Unique Approach DIDN’T Get Him His Dream Job

Flat Style Cover Letter Design

Tweet Andrew Lamberson doesn’t work for The New York Times Magazine in Brooklyn. And his cover letter didn’t get him a job. So what’s the point here? Well, Andrew always believed that cover letters were essentially useless—and so he wrote boring cover letter after boring cover Read more…


Resume and cover letter template

Cover Letters and Resumes Revisited

Tweet We’ve talked a lot before about cover letters and resumes, but sometimes a refresher course isn’t a bad idea. So, when I was invited recently to participate as a facilitator for one of Mashable’s #BizChats Twitter chats, I was really looking forward to discussing the Read more…

Personal Branding

Powerful word for winning a resume

Optimizing Your Resume for the 10-Second Initial Review

Tweet Studies show that hiring managers spend an average of ten seconds looking at a resume before deciding whether to keep going or move on to the next candidate. That’s right, only ten seconds! That says a lot about the job market today and the number Read more…


Young professional at job interview

How One Woman Used a Stunt to Get a Job, Without Creeping Out the Interviewer

Tweet You’ve probably heard about stunts when it comes to conducting a job search. Honestly, most of the time it’s a bad idea. Standing outside your potential employer’s home wearing a gorilla suit and a sandwich sign is weird. Spamming their Facebook makes you look like Read more…

Knock ‘em Dead

Jessica Hernandez, President of Great Resumes Fast is an expert panelist quoted numerous times throughout the newest release in this NY Times Bestselling Series:

Knock 'em Dead - Secrets & Strategies for First-time Job Seekers

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